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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

maybe together we can get somewhere

some drama for you my loyal reader. i got a call from the scouts, apparently the troop leader is moving, and will not be able to lead the troop this year. well, i would love to lead it, but my plate is already way over full currently. the hubby is going back to school. between us we currently hold 3 jobs, not counting my full time housewifeness. we are also in the process of another wee finch. the way the coming semester looks i'm busy monday-wednesday. i believe football is thursdays. nobody wants to do it fridays. what to do? then this morning i look out to the TCEQ in my front yard. they have been testing our water for a little over a year. apparently there is the possibility of some really nasty things in our water. we received a letter in november that said our water was safe to drink, so can you imagine the shock of seeing them in my yard. turns out they have found some of the bad stuff, but not enough to make the water "dangerous". can we say PANIC, not really. well on to more pictures of our trip to DC.

this is one of the many marines at the sunset parade. they were so nice to us. we had just walked over from Arlington cemetery, and we were VERY THIRSTY. they had giant containers of water for everyone.
we saw the commandant's band. they were really impressive. i got some video of them on my phone camera, but i'm not sure how to get it off the phone and onto the computer.

this is sweet philip. he just chilled the whole time. doesn't it look like he's having fun.

the pappy and Isaac they sat and watched the parade together.

the above picture was the last picture of the evening. after watching the band and the drill guard they began to file of the parade grounds. they were both so amazing and impressive. you can see the lone band member standing on the memorial. i kept wondering what he was doing there. after the national anthem, this lone marine played taps. i can't describe the feelings that i had. hearing the song for our fallen at the memorial in our capital. I'm getting teary eyed just writing about it. i leave you with a thankful note. I AM THANKFUL FOR OUR MILITARY. all they do for people who tend to be ungrateful at best. THANK YOU to their families. GOD BLESS


Pattylicious said...

Who is your troop leader? That is completely inconsiderate of her to leave all of her sweet Brownies hangin. I though grown ups were more mature than that. Another nice installment of pics.

RamFam said...

Very Cool!!!!