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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

she gathers rain, to rinse away all the guilt and pain

i had intended on doing a blog friday and yesterday, but i had a visitor on friday. yesterday friends and family gathered to celebrate the all to short life of "Happy Jack". he and his wife are the reason we joined the church in happy. he was an amazing man who spread love and the joy of Christ to everyone who met him. the visitor i had this past weekend was a dear friend from high school part 2. nat and i knew each other in a different time and place, yet we chatted as though we have never been apart. it interesting how time and distant can change a person. we chatted of the girlswe were and the women we had become. she is in school studying to be a counselor. she spent thursday, friday, and saturday catching up and meeting the clan. she hung at the cowden's house on thursday, and xxx marked her as his own. this is where a sense of humor comes in real handy. i was glad to hear that she and her brother are becoming closer. she was sad to hear that my brother and i hardly speak. what a change situation. anywho, it was a great time and hope we can get together more often. on with the vacation pics here are a few more

the Jefferson memorial. it was breathtaking. all of the memorials were absolutely amazing. the Lincoln was stark and somber. the WWII was awe inspiring. the iwo jima was the background for the sunset parade for the marines. this made it even more impressive. below you can see Jefferson peeking out.

here is the inside picture. this was taken with my phone, so it isn't the best, but not to bad. if you want to know what the wall says i have cropped it in the final picture. enjoy.

all of the memorials have the awesome quotes on the walls. the quotes really made the memorials for me. the Gettysburg address at the Lincoln. this one at Jefferson. there were several at the WWII memorial. i hope to post on it later. it truly deserves a post just to it. plus i have way more pics of it. i hope this week is good. when i am finished with the DC posts i will be doing a few blogs on my playlist choices. just a quick note her heiness has gone potty twice today in the potty. woo hoo.


DyessFam said...

Looks like you guys had quite a vacation. I think its so cool that you got to visit all the monuments and memorials and your girls got to be there, too.

Pattylicious said...

sweet, yo. way to mention my kid...now no one will want to touch him...:)