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Monday, February 9, 2009

girls just wanna have fun

it is a girls only kind of week here in the house of finch. the hubby is gone for the week in training in Dallas. then on to Austin for a convention for the weekend. he will make it home around 10:30 pm on Sunday. thank you for all the prayers i think the family may officially be on the mend. no fevers and the hacking cough has calmed down considerably. the problem is the cough last up to 3 weeks after the funk has left, well that's what the doctor says anyway. my babysitter is ill so i will be missing belly dancing class this evening. I'm pretty bummed about it really. her heiness was so sweet last night. we drove the hubby to the airport in the van, so his car was still here when we got home. she say the car and got so excited that her daddy was home already. the excitement didn't last long as soon as she realized he wasn't here she began to cry. the interesting thing is that she isn't a daddy's girl really. she loves him dearly, but has always been much more attached to me than him. this morning there was another crying fit when he wasn't the one to lift her out of her bed. most of my friends know that the upcoming holiday isn't my favorite. yes I'm talking about valentine's day. well, the hubby will be enjoying dinner with his new boss, old boss, and several other people that don't include his wife this valentine's day. i was more bummed about the fact that he would be gone for a week, than that i would be with out him for valentine's day. i was going to put alone, but i will have the girls for the holiday and that is definitely not alone. we took the girls to the mall to see Madagascar 2 on Friday. we got there early so the hubby says why don't we go look at jewelry stores. I'm confused because I'm not the biggest jewelry hound, and usually i prefer spending money on the kiddos instead of myself. we go to zales and sitting in the first case i walk up to is the most beautiful ring. it is shaped like a bow and set in white gold. the bow is made of clear and black diamonds. it was soooo pretty. it was also way more money than i think should be spent on me. i commented on it tried it on and then handed it back to the nice lady. we continued to walk around the mall until time for our movie. who knew that the children's place sold appropriate dresses and skirts for monkey sized girls? i was stoked. at least i know where i can buy her church clothes from now on. any who on Saturday we did baby registering and got the hubby luggage for the impending trip. we decided to hang with the cowden's for the rest of the day. it was great. they offered to take us to dinner and the hubby leans over and says "can we afford the ring?" i thought about it and said yes, so we were off to the mall. they had put the ring on sale that day and offered 10% off if you opened an account. the hubby said "I'm paying cash how bout you give me the discount and save yourself the paperwork." so she did and this is my new ring. isn't it beautiful.

well, her heiness is awaking from her nap, so I'll blog later hope everyone is having a great week so far.


Mzzterry said...

Love the ring. So different, like you! It is special to get something like this every now and then, Moms/Wives deserve little perks! Congrats, enjoy the love that came with it!

sweetflutterbys3 said...

Ohhh, it's beautiful! And you do deserve something so wonderful. Being a mom and wife is hard work. You need to be spoiled once in a while :)

Glad to hear everyone is getting better. We are slowly getting there too except for the cough. It was a tough flu!

DyessFam said...

Yay healing!!! I'm glad you are all on the mend. Very pretty ring. Go Finch!

Annie said...

I lost the diamond out of my wedding ring last month. I haven't worn it since. What's the point, right? I love this ring. Seriously. Gorgeous.