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Thursday, February 19, 2009

remember that it's all in your head

my honey is gone for tonight to visit the southern part of his territory. i heard that the pappy is coming to visit this weekend, so her heiness will have an extra visitor for her big day. for lunch before the party we are having my famous chicken tacos. well, the tacos may not be famous per se, but they are highly requested by anyone who has ever eaten them. it has been a while since i made my tortillas, so i hope i don't ruin them. after the party i think we're going to bottle the beer that has been patiently fermenting in the den. yesterday i was searching for an easy knitting pattern for baby hats online, and found a few different hats. i will post pics of the results. I'm still not very good at making the seams look pretty. dinner went well last night other than i had some tightening of the abdomen while cooking. her heiness is wanting to watch a movie with me, so I'll get started on my thankful list.


1. trivia- i am always thoroughly amused by random knowledge that really serves little purpose.

2. the ability to help others- even when it is just a kind word. I'm very grateful that from time to time i get to see how I've helped someone.

3. bubble wrap- this provides endless hours of entertainment for her heiness. this is the big bubble wrap. she likes to put it on the floor and jump up and down on it.

4. friends- i try to tell them regularly how awesome they are, but i just don't think words are often enough.

5. being an American- i am proud to live in the greatest country on earth.

6. getting to be a housewife- sometimes it is a very frustrating job, but it is so incredibly rewarding.

7. picture mail- this way my friends and family that won't be here for Q's arrival will still get to see a picture of him shortly after he arrives.

8. my bug- the vw kind that is. i hope to be able to rebuild it either this summer or this fall.

9. vacation- since we won't have one until at least November we are putting a lot of thought into where we want to go. where as we love to see family, we would like to go somewhere we've never been before.

10. mail- you know the kind that isn't bills. every once in a while i get a letter sent out and sometimes even get one in the mail.

what are you thankful for this week? a flyswatter to kill the pesky fruit flies, a child's smile, good chicken salad, friends and family, peace in troubled times? take some time think about it. then call a friend just to say hi and you're thinking about them. they'll be glad to hear from you. have a great weekend.


Living on the Spit said...

I am thankful for good chicken salad!!! LOL

I am thankful for SO many things, especially for your friendship!!!

Shouldn't that Highness instead of heiness, don't let my family know that though because they will start calling me that instead of the prerequisite Her Highness.

Us birthday sister's have that princess complex, ya know...LOL

I am having hot dogs on my birthday, there is a reason for it which I will post about.

DyessFam said...

mmmmmm....chicken salad! I'll second being thankful for that. My favorite is Chic-fil-A's. Yummy! I'm excited to see your hats. I'm still plugging along at the diapers, but I have a sort of assembly line going and hope to be done before the baby decides to come out!:) I'll have to take pics of all of them once I'm done. Then its experimentation time....

Hot Cup Lutheran said...

hey glad to hear things are well... thankful for sunshine, my doggie, food in the house, a day off, and somebody to love. life just doesn't get any better than that...

chicken fettucine alfredo has been the recipe of choice out here lately... yummy!