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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

somethings gotta go wrong cause i feeling way too **** good

I'm glad everyone enjoyed my random tidbits and history. things are almost back to normal here in the finch house. her heiness has some issues when daddy leaves the house, but she's getting better. the lady who writes one of my favorite blogs is having a rough time, so go give her some love please. she needs some prayers and well wishes, and i know you guys are good at those. recently i have begun to worry when the world is going to fall down around me because life is going sooooo well right now. the Lord has blessed us with so much. financially we are out of credit card debt. we have health insurance for the first time in almost 9 years. our little family is growing and thriving. I'm not sure how much of my apprehension is pregnancy induced, and how much is just me being well conditioned to expect over the years.

anyway enough being a negative nancy. one of my bestest buds called me yesterday, and we talked for like 45 minutes. we'll call her snow white because i always thought that was who she looked like, only much prettier. she has black hair, blue eyes, and ivory skin. i haven't gotten a chance to talk to her for 6 months or so, but i try to email her as often as i can. oh the days of sitting at sweet eugene's drinking coffee and talking about what we were going to do with our lives. i wonder if someone had told us what we were really going to do, if we would have believed them. this Saturday her heiness will be three, i can hardly believe how big she has gotten. this will be her first birthday party too. the first two we had to cancel because she was sick.

i found a recipe i am dying to try over at sweetflutterbys, but every time I'm at the store i forget to buy caramels and coconut. i will remember this next time i put an alert on my phone to remind me. yeah i know I'm pathetic, I'd like to blame it on pregnancy brain. the hubby is taking an office day today, so her heiness and i have been enjoying his company all day. we're starting to get things ready for Q's arrival. he will be here in 11 weeks or less. we've begun purchasing a few clothes here and there for him. i truly wonder what size he's going to be. her heiness was a week early and still weighed 9 1/2 lbs, so I'm buying anything newborn sized for him. even monkey weighed 7 lbs 11 oz, and she was almost 3 weeks early. it's kinda funny my friend snow white called to see what we needed for him, and we don't really need anything. we built a beautiful crib for her heiness when she was born. our baby cage is navy and yellow plaid. our stroller is navy and white plaid. most of our sheets and blankets are unisex, so we don't really "need" anything. she decided that we needed boy blankets, onsies, shoes, and socks. i really dig my friends.

belly dancing has been somewhat discouraging lately. we've been learning hip slides and figure eight hip movements. i don't seem to be able to do them. this makes me very sad. i don't handle failure well. the teacher is really awesome. she shows us the movement then she walks around and gives one on one instruction. i told her that i felt incompetent,t and she laughed and told me that there would be several movements that i wouldn't be able to do. apparently my abdominal muscles are a wee bit overworked already. she said she expects to see me back in the class when I'm no longer preggos. I'm hoping to be able to take during the summer session. i figure i can just take Q with me, and nurse when needed. anyway, take care and i will do a thankful list tomorrow.


Living on the Spit said...

Hey there girly...I am sorry that I have been such a commenting slacker, but I have been really busy at work. It is driving me crazy.

You're having a boy!!! I know you must be over the top excited. I am really happy for you.

Please tell my little birthday sharing buddy that I said happy birthday...I think that is just the coolest thing ever.

I know you said you don't "need" anything, but I want to make you a quilt, now that I really know what I am doing...let me know what colors you like and what style...any theme?

email me at marchar1321@hotmail.com

You are so often in my thoughts and I am STILL loving your playlist.

sweetflutterbys3 said...

Wow, your pregnancy seems to be going so fast, though I'm sure it doesn't seem that way to you! A boy! That's wonderful. Congratulations.

Happy Birthday early to the heiness. Three is such a cute age.