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Tuesday, June 3, 2008

hot time summer in the city

WORD OF THE DAY= BRACKISH- somewhat salty; also, distasteful. this is such a fun word to say, go on say it. see wasn't that fun.

well i don't really live in the city, but yesterday i took this picture to remind myself how much i love summer. what are my solutions for this sweltering heat you ask well......

we got the big one so that there is plenty of room for anyone who would want to join us. did i mention finch is making beer this summer?
i figured we could get dressed up and go to town for ice cream, or just make our own.
we could also get plenty of rest out of the hot afternoon sun.
we woke up one morning last week to that sweet picture. she decided that she would rather sleep in the dog kennel than her bed. go figure. now i know you have all been anxiously waiting for swap pictures. here you go.....
these are from the sock swap over at smiling infidel's blog. these were sent from lola again. the socks are happy cowboy socks, aren't they awesome (i would have posted pics sooner, but i had to get them out of the laundry.) she also sent an adorable little bag w/a sweet bird on the front. how did you know my hubby's fave color was blue? then there is the pin cushion. i love it. i participated in my first swap last year and got a wonderful homemade pin cushion. this is my second homemade pin cushion, and i am beyond thrilled. i immediately put it to work holding the pins for the apron swaps i am participating in.
here is the apron that i sent off this morning to renee in utah. i hope she likes it.
this is my first apron ever to make. it has darts on the bodice, pleats on the tie backs, and bias tape all around the apron. did i mention that i had never used bias tape before. i am making another one almost identical to this for the other apron swap. the only difference is, i will be using the wider bias tape.
last, but certainly not least is the initial swap i did over at princess mindy's blog. st. cass sent me an adorable little bag (how do you guys know that i love bags?) she also sent a ring with lip gloss in it, crocheted lace, a sweet book, a book mark (i can never find one when i need one), a necklace, and a package of beautiful vera bradley pencils.
we got a surprise visit from finch's mom last week. we had a great visit with her. she went with us for wing night at applebees with the cowden clan. she only stayed for about a day and a half, but the girls were thrilled to see her. pattylicious' twins are due tomorrow. i hope things are good for all of you.

FOOD FOR THOUGHT= In the words of Ludwig Wittgenstein "Philosophy is a battle against the bewitchment of our intelligence by means of language."


sweetflutterbys3 said...

What a great apron! You are quite talented. I couldn't do that in a million years.


Yee Haaawwww, I love those cowboy socks!

Lola is a creative wonder!

RamFam said...

Very cute apron! Pattylicious is in our prayers. Love you guys!:)

Hot Cup Lutheran said...

the apron rocks! and the kennel photo is sooo cute... prayers that pattyllicious has a smooth delivery for those 2 precious babies.

Adrienne said...

wow - you did a great job on that apron - first one ... are you sure? ;-)

rosemond said...

Super cute apron! You did good!