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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

oh how i wish it would rain down, down on me.

WORD OF THE DAY- LACHRYMOSE:given to causing tears.

yes, it is that time again. time for another thankful list. i've really enjoyed the lists that some of you have put together. keep up the good work.

1. my mom- we have a unique relationship, but the older i get the more i understand. i can not imagine the choices she had to make. i have always said that single moms deserve medals or sainthood. to her i say thanks. she also took the girls, yes both, last weekend. she is an EXCELLENT mimi/grandma.

2. my palm centro cell phone- i know this sounds kind of well snotty, but i really do dig my phone. let's see when i got my phone i realized that this phone was not meant for an overweight dowdy housewife. no, this phone deserves a hot sexy momma. shortly afterwards i dyed my hair and began to lose weight. it really is a great phone.

3. blogs- they are a way for me to connect/see into other people's lives. i get to see that maybe i'm not alone and crazy on "those" days. i get to see that other women have them too.

4. books- i miss reading, but i am glad that my eldest daughter has gotten the joy of reading.

5. strawberries- mmm tasty. i'm hoping to move my patch to a less dog friendly site this fall. hopefully i will get berries next year.

6. being an adult- i don't have to send valentines to everyone anymore. woo hoo. i can set the rules in my house. again woo hoo.

7. central air- do i really need to explain this one?

8. jack and sue- they are a lovely couple from our church. they did the Wednesday night suppers before i took over. they are the reason we still attend the church. they were so warm and friendly to us when we were looking for a church home, that we stayed. they just celebrated their 50th anniversary.

9. weekends w/o children- i know that sounds petty, but we really never have them. this past weekend was great it really gave the hubby and i time to reconnect. i got pregnant 2 months into our marriage, so we've had children almost as long as we've been married.

10. the ability to say NO- when i don't want to i don't have to. that is such an awesome freedom to have and be able to exercise.

i know this will post wed. night, but i will be spending most of Thursday with the cowden clan. i did want to say a big thanks for all the awesomely nice comments about the aprons. i really appreciate the nice words. also i wanted to let all of my loyal readers know that this is a big year for me. i will turn 3 decades in October, and the hubby and i will celebrate 10 years of wedded bliss in December. in honor of these monumental achievements i will be doing a couple of giveaways. don't worry rachel and mzterry your gifts are coming, i move slow from time to time. i will keep you updated on the giveaways, but rumor has it that an apron, washcloth, and bag may be involved.

FOOD FOR THOUGHT- IN THE WORDS OF Samuel Johnson "The true measure of a man is how he treats someone who can do him absolutely no good."


Adrienne said...

such great thoughts ... I need to get one of those cell phones! ;-)

vanillafrog said...

i forgot all about that! if you need my address...my email is vanillafrog@suddenlink.net.

sweetflutterbys3 said...

I want one of those phones too...

Such happy occasions to look forward to- a big birthday and an anniversary. Those things that make life so great!

Lola said...

I can relate to so many of those!
I think that single parents are amazing. There is no way I could, or would want to do this alone.

*sigh* I hope someday that we will have a weekend without the kids...I don't see it on the horizon though!