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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

strawberry fields forever

WORD OF THE DAY- COUNTERVAIL: to counteract; also, to offset.

yes i know they weren't singing about the tasty food. well here are the pics of the double strawberry cheesecake. my swap partner sent me the recipe from aimee's adentures. way tasty and only 3 points for 1/8th of the pie.

you make the crust from strawberries, so yummy tasty.
my wee helper was in the kitchen helping with the creation, so i let her lick the spoon.
my eldest had no interest in helping until she realized that her sister got to lick the spoon. she very politely asked if she could have a beater. i forgot to tell her that it was fat free cream cheese and fake sugar blended together. she made this horrible face and said "mom this tastes funny." then i told her what was in it.
well how did the dessert go with the family? this face says it all. everyone scarfed down there piece with many "this is really good" sounds.
some of you may have noticed the new blogroll on my page. if you would like to be added or removed just send a shout. my best bud has started blogging again. i'm still waiting on a really long pictorial on the twins.

FOOD FOR THOUGHT- IN THE WORDS OF Elie Wiesel "Man is defined by what troubles him, not by what reassures him."


RamFam said...

Okay, so cream cheese, sugar, and what else?

DyessFam said...

mmmmmmmmmmm! Yummy! I really do like splenda and fat free...well, pretty much anything. The speed bump I tend to run into happens to be my partner in crime a.k.a. my husband!:) Maybe I'll sneak it in and see if he notices. He prolly will, but he's really good about eating the stuff anyway. :p

queen of everything said...

i've never been the biggest fan of fake food, but it seems to be working. i've lost around 15.8 lbs or so.

Anonymous said...

Your youngest looks like she is in desert heaven! Congrats on the weightloss! :-)