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Monday, June 30, 2008

she will be loved

WORD OF THE DAY- CLAQUE: A group of fawning admirers.

what you have all been waiting for.... a blog about the beautiful twins. they are sooo sweet. cadence is the sweet little girl in pink. constence is the sweet little girl in white.

they came over to visit with their mom, dad, and two brothers. while the big kids played in the pool the wee ones hung out on a blanket in the den.
here is cadence fast asleep after her feeding. the quality of picture isn't great sorry.
constence being a wee bit melodramatic. both pics were taken on my phone, so the quality is lacking, but hey i have tons of pics anyways.
Thursday we went and hung out with the pattilicious clan. it was wing night at applebees. then Friday is pizza night, so we went and hung out again. eventually they will tire of us i fear. Saturday they had plans, so we hung at the house. the hubby and i made apricot butter. one is just plain, but one of them is amaretto flavored. mmmmm the hubby has taken to calling it "nectar of the gods." we canned roughly 44 pints of the yummy apricot goodness on Saturday.
Sunday we had 5th Sunday potluck at our church. monkey made a volcano cake for the get together. my phone is being angry at me and won't let me retrieve the photos of it. it was a chocolate bundt cake. then you fill the hole in the center with whipped cream, top it with cherry pie filling, and chocolate sprinkles. the cake was beautiful and tasty. i am so very proud of her. did i mention that my sweet hubby put in a call to my stepmother on Saturday? well, that's a blog for another day.

FOOD FOR THOUGHT- IN THE WORDS OF Robertson Davies "A happy childhood has spoiled many a promising life."


RamFam said...

44 pints!?!
Beautiful babies!!!
How is your father? 4th of July is his holiday, isn't it?
Well, hi for us tomorrow is 80. What's the weather like there?

Lola said...

I want your recipe for apricot butter. Our apricots won't be on for a few more weeks, but the trees are loaded!! I can't wait!

sweetflutterbys3 said...

The apricot butter sounds wonderful. I'd love the recipe too!

The babies are beautiful! It's hard to believe anyone can start out so small.

Pattylicious said...

We will never tire of you. No...really. It is not possible to tire of your only friend. Why? Are you tiring of us? hmmmmmmmm.