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Thursday, October 2, 2008

i just want to thank you for giving me the best day of my life

well, it isn't the best day, but it hasn't been too bad. this week has been busy and the "morning sickness" has kicked in. i hope to blog tomorrow about some of the awesome things we've been up to. here is my thankful list.


1. morning sickness- i know that it means that all the hormones necessary for a healthy baby are present.

2. orange juice- it seems to really help with the tummy issues.

3. friends-i'm not sure what i would do if i didn't have the awesome supportive group that i have currently.

4. pizza night- it looks like we will have a semi full house again tomorrow night for pizza night. the tall beautiful tara and her children will be here with guest. my mom's coming in for the weekend, the girls are way excited. unfortunately the cowden clan might not be joining us this week.

5. firewood- we have a ton of it. we are hoping to keep the thermostat low and congregate near the fire.

6. chocolate- it also seems to calm the tummy, i don't get this at all. i was a total chocoholic before my first daughter, but when i was pregnant with her i couldn't even stand the smell of it. it was the same with my second.

7. karen- she has started helping out on wednesday nights and i don't know what i would do with out her. she shows up with brownies made saying "i thought you might need dessert made" with out being asked. then she sends me home after church, so she can clean because she doesn't have little ones at home anymore. this woman ROCKS.

8. the girls- they are so sweet and so cute. her heiness has taken to patting the baby to sleep. monkey won a giant king size hershey with almonds bar at school and brought half of it home to me because she knows how much i like them.

9. the hubby- what a man my man is. the quote from my last blog was something he told me when we were dating, and it still holds so true.

10. my pattylicious- she trusts me completely, this is no light matter mind you, and that always makes me feel so honored. remember you are wonderful no matter what anyone else tells you. they are just too immature and self centered to see what an amazing human you really are.

what are you thankful for? i really enjoy reading the thankful lists that you guys write. i hope you take some time no matter how rough your week is. somehow i find taking the time to be grateful makes things seem better.


sweetflutterbys3 said...

Isn't it funny how you can be thankful for something as awful as morning sickness? I was too when I had my babies. It meant they were in there safe and sound baking away.

Rockin' Thursday Thirteen!

Hot Cup Lutheran said...

oh thankful for paints, for warm sweathshirts, for girlfriends who will sip champagne with me next week as i burn momentos of my former life, homemade pizza, caramel corn, my doggie, my warm bed with new cozy comforter, my cinnamon coffee from somebody wayyy saavvvy who sent it to me... and oddly enough thankful for my calculator cuz i have to go pay bills and balance the checkbook this morning. ick! but then i get to sip coffee in a farmhouse kitchen and visit... what an incredible 'job' i have!