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Thursday, October 9, 2008

say a little prayer for me

actually for a few of my friends who are having a rough beginning to the month of october. things here have been pretty good. the nausea isn't too bad. school is going well for the hubby. monkey brought home her first report card of 3rd grade, and that's right straight A's. her lowest grade was a 95. oh yeah i am one proud mommy. well, i have one week left in my twenties. strangely the only thing that makes me feel old is looking at the girls and realizing how big they are getting. is that strange? here is my list for this week:


1. friends-i know i list this almost weekly, but they are an awesome group.

2. pizza night- we have acquired a few new people to the night. i'll call her amazon, she is tall, beautiful, and a fierce defender of things she loves. her two beautiful children also join her, and her friend flyboy who has joined us for 2 pizza nights.

3. decaf coffee- i know i need to watch how much caffeine i consume during pregnancy, so decaf coffee is helping.

4. the budget- we have stuck dutifully to it thus far, and it hasn't been painful at all

5. autumn- i adore this time of year. the cool evenings are wonderful.

6. blogger friends- some of you i know outside of the internet. the ones that i just know through the blogosphere it is good to have you along.

7. comments- i love hearing what you are thankful for. it is good to read about the big and little things that bring joy to people's lives.

8. our military- with out them i wouldn't be free to do as i choose, and for that i am eternally grateful to the soldiers and their families.

9. trying new things- i received a book that has tons of paper crafts in it. i have never done paper crafts, unless you count homemade valentines. i am excited to try my hand at them.

10. thankful thursdays- i have learned that if i require myself to write down what i am thankful for i spend the majority of the week looking for things that i am grateful for.

what are you grateful for this week? your husband that let you sleep in for an extra hour, or not having the dead beat husband take up valuable oxygen anymore? thanks for stopping by to read my wee blog. if you ever find yourself in the land that time forgot, give a call we can get together for a yummy dinner. have a great weekend


Living on the Spit said...

Hey Reina!

I am your swap partner for October!!! I am so excited for this October theme. Do you prefer Fall themes or are Halloween themes? If you could email me all your favs and a little about yourself, that would be great! I also need your mailing address. My email is marchar1321@hotmail.com and of course my blog is attached here. Come and visit. Also, let me know what your favorite crochet activities are. Have a great day and your blog is really wonderful!!!

Hot Cup Lutheran said...

today i am very thankful for the delicious bottle of chardonnay i polished off last night with girlfriends; for outdoor fire pits; for laughter; for skinny jeans; for my hairdresser who today will make me look young, hip, and fabulous!... for my puppy; my ballet flats; food in the house; a warm comforter on my bed; gas in my car; money in the bank; and a glorious vacation on the horizon!

whew!!! and yes... i'm thankful to be living more deeply and not living in fear or hesitation any more.

prayers for you & baby!

sweetflutterbys3 said...

I am so inspired by your list! There are so many things I am thankful for, but mostly my kids, my health and having a home and food to put on the table everyday. Also the soldiers who fight the fight everyday so my kids and I can have a life of freedom. And God, who gives meaning to my life.

Aunt Pitty Pat's said...

Wow what a fantastic list.. You give new meaning to life my friend. I can truthfully say I am one of those blog friends that needs a prayer right about now. My Month of Oct has been the pits. What with a Dear Friend dying, Step Mom in the hospital for two weeks, me down sick in the bed with a bacterial infection. All of these events were happening at the same time. I keep waiting for the next shoe to drop. Lets hope it doesn't.
What I am thankful for ... good drugs!!! LOL that's not funny in the early 1900's there was no antibiotics to help make people well. They either got over it or died. Yeah I'm getting over it. :)
I am also thankful for all the kinds words from my blogging friends. I cherish ever one of you, and I look forward to your fun comments and suggestions.
Lastly I am so thankful for our Soliders that are gone from their family and friends.. Lets send out a little prayer to them too.

vanillafrog said...

happy birthday! hope you had a wonderful day!

Mzzterry said...

I can't believe you "kids" are hitting that big 3-0!! Happy, happy birthday and I pray you have the best year of your life!