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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

these are a few of my favorite things

what a great week this has been so far. the big event got moved until tomorrow, so we are anxiously awaiting. i received 4 swap packages, technically there were only 3 swaps but one swap came in two packages. i also got a few surprise gifties from my best bud pattylicious, have i told you guys how awesome she is? well i wanted to share some of the wonderful things i have received. below is the teapot my mom gave me for my birthday, isn't is amazing. i love it.

with my birthday money i bought some movies, the girls bought me sleeping beauty and the hubby got me bones.

her heiness claimed this pair of socks from the sock swap over at shellybabes as her own.

these are the wonderful goodies mzzterry sent me for the swap. there was a pair of black socks with little monkeys sticking their tongues out on them in the package as well, but they are in the wash.

below is the wonderful package i received for my september craft swap. this came all the way from england. i'm excited/scared to try the sock pattern, i've never used double pointed needles before.
this package is the one i received for my october craft swap. the little pumpkin cups were for the girls. they were way excited.
these are some little things that the pattylicious got for me because she loves me and thinks i'm cool. well, not sure why she got them for me, but i really dig them. the bat socks light up and blink when you walk, how cool is that. i really dig the spider argyle socks. i love argyle.
i made this fire all by myself. i am SO PROUD of me. usually my fires really inhale profusely.

the weather today is being described as "blustery" by the local weather people. it is about 42 outside with 40 mph winds out of the north. it currently feels about 25 outside. that is the reason for the toasty fire. i hope the week finds you in good spirits.


Living on the Spit said...

How blessed you are!!!

Thanks for sharing all these great photos and I am glad you loved your package and the girl's enjoyed their special Halloween cups!!!



Rosemond said...

Love, love, love the teapot!

Anonymous said...

I love how those swaps work for you! I may not comment often, but I am keeping up with you and your lovelies!! Enjoy Halloween!!!! Love you!

sweetflutterbys3 said...

Ooohh, lots of goodies! Beautiful teapot too. Nice job on the fire! I just love the first fire of the season. It's cold as heck here, too, in PA. Low 50's with nights in the 30's. I think the first frost is tonight. Brrrrr!

Adrienne said...

Oh my - so much goodness! I know you are happy :-)

Since you love swaps - come check out one I am hosting:


Hope you join!