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Thursday, October 23, 2008

she had fire in her soul

the big event has been moved again, but we are told that is a REALLY good thing. the hubby and i got the chance to enjoy a fire by ourselves last night, and we started talking about how much had changed in the last 10 years. not only the way we look, but the way we look at things. it times like that when i realize how truly blessed i am. monkey brought home the GT application from school yesterday, and the hubby and i discussed whether or not we should nominate her. don't all parents think their child is gifted and talented? i wasn't allowed in the GT program as a child, apparently the teachers/administrators giving the test don't like it when you correct them. that and i wasn't among the chosen children in the school, i lived in a children's home. when i moved to a new school i hoped to be included in the GT program, but instead i was put in remedial classes until our taks tests came back and i had scored the only perfect in math in the history of the school. anyway, i think that she is incredibly gifted, but am i just being a mom? i think i will fill it out and send it with her tomorrow and if she isn't accepted i can rest in the knowledge that neither was i. without further ado, my thankful list:


1. differing opinions- i'm glad that i live in a country where i am allowed to disagree with whomever i choose. God bless America.

2. time with my husband- it doesn't happen often that we get just couple time, but when it does i enjoy being "my love" instead of "momma" for a bit.

3. being momma- i never wanted kids. i didn't babysit in high school, and i was never around children. being a mom is one of the most amazing things i have ever done, and i am eternally grateful for the opportunity that i have had to be one.

4. maternity clothes- i just can't pull myself to buy bigger clothes to help cover my bump. i know hard to believe i'm showing already.

5. hot drinks- i have been enjoying hot tea the past few days. i love coffee, but it has quite a bit more caffeine than tea, especially green tea. then there is hot cocoa. mmmm love this time of year.

6. pizza night- the kids run off to play together and the adults get to be adults for a little while anyway. you don't realize how important adult conversation is until you don't have it.

7. getting out of debt- we're not talking years anymore. next june at the latest. i am way more than stoked.

8. prayer- how amazing and powerful it is. thank you for yours.

9. baby blankets- i am currently knitting one for my friend krista. she is due in january and is having a little girl. i hope to get a hat knitted up as well.

10. hallmark magazine- i found it by accident a year ago, and fell in love with it. i now have a subscription to it, and am thinking of giving a subscription to a friend for a "you're a great friend" gift.

11. your thankful lists- i wait anxiously to see what you are thankful for, so thanks.

i hope you are having as wonderful of a week as i am. i had a teacher in high school that said "remember when you fall on your face, you are still moving forward." i will have my swap packages, 3 of them, ready to send out on monday. i hoped to have them finished earlier, but the money wasn't budgeted until today to go shopping, so what are you going to do? what are you grateful for this week? a home to keep the cold out, a hot drink to chase the chill in the air, or not being on the receiving end of abuse? i am thankful every day to not be in an abusive relationship anymore. take care and God bless.


sweetflutterbys3 said...

Your lists always make me smile and think of the things I am so thankful for. I love #4. I could not believe how fast I popped out with #2 and #3! Giving in to maternity clothes bites :)

Mzzterry said...

You know, the gt thing has its pros and its cons......just leave it in God's hands.

Rosemond said...

She is both gifted AND talented...you don't need any kind of program to tell you that!

Living on the Spit said...

I too, love your Thankful Lists!!! It always makes me happier after I come and visit with you. I am thanking God that he connected us.

I am thankful for the cooler temperatures, that He created weekends, and that work is going well despite the economy. I am also thankful I am no longer in an abusive relationship as 11 years was WAY too long. I walk around with a physical reminder that I am worth more than that!!!!

Definitely fill out the form and remember all of us are gifted and talented, no matter what a school system has to say. My oldest daughter started out in special education and by 6th grade was in academically advanced classes, graduated with honors, and in now a senior in college majoring in molecular biology. I hate labels.

Do you know what you are having yet? When are you due?

Have a great weekend.